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Level Two Semi-Finalists Announced
March 30, 2019
11:59 PM
by April 15, 2019 

Full business plan submissions due from semifinalists


Winner Announcement

June 22, 2019
May 31, 2019

Win up to $25,000 in cash and pro bono services to grow your business!

Are you ready to take your business to the



Take the eligibility quiz to find out if you qualify to participate.


Opportunity to win up to $25,000 in cash, prizes, and year-long pro bono business development services that will help LEVERAGE revenues and LEVEL-UP to a position to be eligible to access funding and be “investable”.


Strong connections that can open doors otherwise closed or missed at the startup phase.

A network of real-time coaching and consulting from professional and established experts.




The judges are successful entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and financial professionals.  Scoring will be similar to that of an early stage/angel investor. The judging criteria for the Next Level Small Business Plan Competition is to select the plans in which the judges would be likely to invest their own funds.


There are two (2) LEVELS of competition:


LEVEL ONE ( the Entry Round), Deadline EXTENDED March 30th, 201911:59 pm (no exceptions)


On this LEVEL, eligible applicants will submit a two-page Executive Summary and a one-time entry fee of $99.00. This entry fee is an administrative charge only and does not guarantee the approval of any application for nomination, endorsement, or selection for the final round. Multiple submissions are NOT accepted and will result in automatic disqualification. Entry fees are not refundable. 


The purpose of the Executive Summary is to capture our interest so that we will want to find out more about your business. Therefore, this section comes first and is, in some ways, the most important. Our judges are likely to spend no more than10 minutes before making the preliminary decision whether your summary will advance to the NEXT LEVEL -- Level Two.



LEVEL TWO (The Final Round) will end on Friday, May 31, 2019.  Selected Semifinalists will submit a full business plan by May 31st. If a consensus is not met, or if there is a tie, semi-finalists may be asked to present thier plans in person with the judges. There will be only one winner this year.


Multiple business plan submissions are NOT accepted. Each individual/business should only appear on ONE submission.


The Next Level Small Business Plan Competition is open to existing small businesses and entrepreneurs located in the the United States.  Non-profits are not eligible to apply at this time. Minority-owned businesses are strongly encouraged to apply.


You must have;


  • an incorporated business for at least 18 months and in operation no more than five (5) years..

  • gross revenues of $100,000.

  • Multiple submissions will not be accepted by anyone business. This will result in an automatic disqualification. 

  • Must meet guidelines and key dates - no exceptions!

  • No Gibson Consulting partner, employee, intern, a family member may be part of an applicant's business. Their participation or affiliation will automatically make the company ineligible to compete.




If you become concerned about potential issues of confidentiality, keep in mind that that the judges are largely successful entrepreneurs, investors, and financial professionals.  You can expect them to carry out judging activities professionally given they deal with confidential information in the normal course of their work. Feel free to exclude any information you regard as truly proprietary.  No judge, endorser, mentor, or Gibson Consulting partner or client should be asked to sign any sort of nondisclosure agreement. Your presentations may be open to the public.

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